Financial Aid 101 E-Learning Course (NACAC)

This self-paced, foundational program offers two-and-a-half hours of lively, engaging learning. It’s a comprehensive introduction to a subject that grows more important every day.

Financial Aid 101 includes seven easy-to-use learning modules packed with information on subjects like loans, grants, scholarships and work study available from public and private sources. The program features informative graphics and videos, as well as occasional quizzes to help you measure your progress.

Developed for entry-level professionals in either the counseling or admission field, this interactive course tackles the fundamental concepts and best practices on which you can build your professional knowledge base, expand your current skill set, and help further your career.

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Webinar: Planning for Changes Coming with 2017-2018 FAFSA

“Hear about the most important updates to the FAFSA from a representative of the Department of Education. Information and suggestions for working with your students and their parents during the financial aid process will be shared. This webinar was hosted by the College Board.”

College Board Webinars

Webinars and videos on college counseling topics including assessments, college exploration, admissions, financial aid, and leadership

ASCA On-demand Webinar – Academic Habits and College and Career Readiness

Students who struggle in school may lack the strategies to effectively approach and manage learning. These skills are required not only for K-12 education but also postsecondary opportunities. Explore the connections between David Conley’s research on college and career readiness and school counseling standards, and be able to articulate how school counseling standards support postsecondary readiness.