Financial Aid 101 E-Learning Course (NACAC)

This self-paced, foundational program offers two-and-a-half hours of lively, engaging learning. It’s a comprehensive introduction to a subject that grows more important every day.

Financial Aid 101 includes seven easy-to-use learning modules packed with information on subjects like loans, grants, scholarships and work study available from public and private sources. The program features informative graphics and videos, as well as occasional quizzes to help you measure your progress.

Developed for entry-level professionals in either the counseling or admission field, this interactive course tackles the fundamental concepts and best practices on which you can build your professional knowledge base, expand your current skill set, and help further your career.

Learn More:

NACAC report: Preparing Students for College

Report using national High School Longitudinal Study (HSLS) to analyze the college transition process, focuses on high school freshmen college admission plans, demograhpic/parent data, and interactions with school personnel.

On-demand Webinar: Enhance Students’ Motivation to Achieve

School counselors want to know how to enhance students’ intrinsic motivation to achieve in the academic, career and social/emotional domains. Get an introduction to motivational interviewing strategies developed by William Miller and Stephen Rollnick in the addictions field. You can use these strategies with students to enhance their motivation to make changes in all three domains.

Educator Resources

Curriculum guides, trainings and other materials for college admission counselors and educators

Counseling Journals

ACA journals including Journal of Counseling and Development, The Career Development Quarterly, Journal of College Counseling, and Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development.